Ergonomics, Convenience & Portability

"It is recommended that children begin to eat solid food with a spoon between 4-6 months of age, in addition to breast milk or formula. There are many fundamental skills needed for language development and using a spoon directly contributes to the development and coordination of the lips, tongue, mouth, cheeks, and jaw. Children who do not progress from sucking to eating pureed foods from a spoon, to chewing different textured table foods, may be at risk for problems learning to speak well as they get older."

Jennifer Roslund, M.A., CCC-SLP

Potential issues to infants caused by continuous sucking

  • Irregular development of facial muscles leading to speech delays
  • Irregular development of jaw leading to overcrowding of teeth
  • Missed developmental stages associated with the ability to coordinate motor skills
  • Learned poor eating habits, such as lack of portion control
  • Enamel erosion and tooth decay
  • Lack of interaction between child and caregiver


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  • Easily dispense with one hand
  • Easy to open, snaps closed & resealable
  • Doubles as a serving container
  • Less mess with a spoon


  • SAFE and SIMPLE measured dosing
  • CR All-In-1 Package
  • Promotes healthy oral & speech development
  • Contributes to healthy eating habits
  • BPA Free, FDA Compliant Resin
  • Safeguards against tooth erosion
  • Sustainable

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