• Pouches reduce material and volume by 77% over traditional formats therefore reducing the carbon impact by 40% with less mass to ship
  • Emerging film recycling solutions/ Terra Cycle
  • Integrated Cap addressing new EU regulations
  • Pouches are considered to be the most sustainable format in baby food


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Honey bees do more than just make honey - they help to pollinate many of our favorite foods.  Here at Honey Bee Babies we make a point of using fruits and veggies pollinated by honey bees!

  • Reusable with the Spoonfuls compatible pouches
  • Recyclable and composed of renewable sourced polymers
  • Sustainable package format
  • Utilized with pouches / low carbon footprint and environmental impact


 raise honeybees

Without honey bees many of our foods that we depend upon will be gone.  The most basic food staples will have to be ‘self-pollinated’ making healthy foods very expensive.

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Bees are mysteriously disappearing at an alarming rate all around the world, scientists are calling this phenomenon Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 


In fact 30% of all our crops are pollinated by honey bees.

Honey Bee Babies is a proud member of the New Jersey Bee Keepers Assoociation.

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