Introducing Spoonfuls - a cap with a built-in spoon utilized with spouted pouches!  The spoon simply flips down and with a little squeeze of the pouch serves and dispenses baby food, yogurts, supplements, and over the counter medicines, to name just a few applications.  It further adds to the portability, convenience and ergonomics of the pouch.  Furthermore, there is nothing else like it on the market.

Spoonfuls was patented in 2015 and is the genesis of the Honey Bee Babies company, formed to introduce Spoonfuls to market.  Our goal is to offer this new technology at a competitive price with an emphasis on oral development, health and safety, environmentally sound packaging, ergonomic functionality, that stands apart from what we currently see on the market.  Applications in baby food, yogurt, supplements, nutraceuticals, OTC medicines, elder care,herb/ pasta pastes/ bullion, pet supplements with potential in other segments as well.

Honey Bee Babies maintains a green ethos, dedicated to environmentally sound packaging and to raising
awareness of the honey bee decline and the importance of living an organic life.

'for the busy bee on the go!'

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Honey Bee Babies is a certified women-owned and operated business, founded by Heather Baird.  Heather Baird continues to operate Honey Bee Babies as President of the company and is proud to be certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Heather Baird is an entrepreneur and inventor with a background in design and product development.  Through her experience as a mom recognized an unmet need for a convenient no hassle way to dispense baby food and medicines.  Having a strong affinity for the honey bees and the environments they support, she has incorporated this ethos into her company mission.