Heather's  Aha! moment came to her while doing her grocery shopping, with one hand on the shopping cart and the other feeding her very hungry daughter a baby food pouch.  Needless to say food was all over her baby's disappointed face.  All the while Heather kept thinking 'This pouch would be so much better, more functional, if it only had a spoon attached to it....' And that is how Spoonfuls literally started to take shape.

Through her experience as a mom, Heather Baird recognized this unmet need for a convenient no hassle way to dispense foods and medicines.  The USPTO utility patent for ‘Spoonfuls’ was issued in March of 2015.

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Spoonfuls is the first and only patented spoon-cap package with ‘flip and go’ technology delivering a packaging solution poised to disrupt the marketplace with multi-use functionality and ergonomic design for unsurpassed convenience.



the All-In-One

patented spoon cap!